Top 50 Most Popular and Unique Cat Names in 2021

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The most cat names use!

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the primary named cat lived over 3,400 years ago and was called Nedjem, an Egyptian name meaning “sweet” or “pleasant” – sometimes thought of as adore “Sweetie”.

It’s thought that even within the cat-revering culture of ancient Egypt, cats were seldom given individual names. Cats less notable than Nedjem were simply named Miu or Miut, meaning “cat”. It’s an onomatopoeic word inspired by the sound of a cat meowing.

Pet-specific names like these are popular for thousands of years. But as cats are increasingly perceived as members of the family, human and cat naming trends overlap rapidly.

For example, back in 1987, writing within the Chicago Sun-Times identified Kitty, Tiger, and Smokey because the top 3 cat names in Chicago’s home county. While these names are still popular, they’ve been solidly usurped by conventional human names.

In order to point out exactly which names were the most popular, we consulted a variety of sources – the Cat Fanciers Association, which keeps the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats, Nationwide Pet Insurance’s policyholder database, and’s list of the most frequently favorite names.

1. Oliver

With this name dominating almost every list of the foremost popular cat names, you almost certainly know a minimum of some cats named Oliver. And if you don’t, you almost certainly know someone who’s chosen to convey the name to their new baby – Oliver is currently the #3 hottest male baby name within the United States.

2. Bella

Perhaps due to its association with the favored Twilight series or because people just like the idea of giving their cat a reputation meaning “beautiful” in Italian, Bella is a very popular cat name.

3. Simba

This Swahili name means “lion”, but you’re probably not thinking of any lion once you give your cat this name. You’re probably thinking of Simba, the protagonist of The Lion King.

4. Chloe

Rated because the #1 preferred female cat name in VPI’s 2010 survey, this name has been lingering near the highest of the cat name charts for several years.

5. Luna

Like a ray of moonshine, cats have a fragile, mysterious beauty. Perhaps that explains why Luna, the Spanish word for “moon”, is so popular among today’s cats.

6. Max

Cat blogger Robin Olson says that “If I had a $1 for every kid, dog or cat named Max, I’d be loaded.” What can you say? This shortening of Maxwell and Maximilian has massive appeal.

7. Lucy

According to a survey, Lucy was the foremost popular cat name of 2008, and also the name continues to linger near the highest of kitty name charts. It’s short, sweet, and ends with the long “E” sound that will encourage your cat to come back when called.

8. Lily

We’re frequently cautioned to avoid bringing home poisonous lily plants when there are cats within the household, but there’s nothing toxic about this sweet name.

9. Nala

Does your cat carry herself with the wisdom, nobility, and style of The Lion King’s ally and future queen? Together with Simba, this Disney – inspired name has become wildly popular in recent years.

10. Sophie

While Sophia is currently the foremost popular female baby name within the United State country, people go for this slightly easier-to-pronounce variation once they name their cats.

11. Milo

This has been a well-liked name for cats since the 1986 release of the Japanese adventure film. The Adventures of Milo and Otis. The movie chronicled the adventures of an orange kitten named Milo and his pug companion, Otis.

12. Rocky

This diminutive of the Italian name Rocco is strong, playful, and ideal for cats.

13. Coco

While this fun, the bouncy name is popular in North America, it’s even hotter in China, where it’s the 3rd most well-liked name for cats registered with the Cat Fanciers Association.

14. Charlie

One of the foremost popular names within us during the late 19th century, Charlie has since lost its charm on the bulk of yank parents. Cat guardians, however, have reclaimed this name as a cheerful spin on the classic English name Charles.

15. Smokey

This virtually timeless name is sort of exclusively reserved for grey cats – seldom for other pets and never for humans.

16. Mia

Unfussy, delicate, and light-weight, Mia may be a popular pick for female cats.

17. Jack

This name evolved within the medieval era as a diminutive of John and evolved into an independent name. Its popularity among humans has dipped and spiked over the centuries, but it’s quite popular among cats. Jack the Cat features a great rhythm.

18. Angel

If you’ve ever called a cat “precious angel” or perhaps “angel baby”, you’ll understand the recognition of this name for cats.

19. Tigger

Since people fell infatuated with the bouncy, extroverted tiger of Winnie the Pooh, this name has been a preferred choice for cats – particularly the orange ones.

20. Oreo

Milk’s favorite cookie has given its name to generations of cats of white-and-black cats.

21. Shadow

If your grey cat follows you about sort of a little furry shadow, this name can be the right choice.

22. Felix

When the enduring Felix the Cat made his 1919 debut in Feline Follies, the name was a comparatively popular name for baby boys but has since become a reputation most ordinarily assigned to cats. This cat name has seen tremendous popularity in North America over the years and is currently preferred in European countries.

23. Willow

This nature-inspired name is acceptable for cats as graceful because of the tree of the identical name.

24. Romeo

Thanks to its association with the tragic protagonist of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet, this Italian name could be a classic choice for male kitties.

25. Molly

This diminutive of the classic Mary contains a lightweight feel that creates it perfect for cats.

26. Tiger

If your striped orange tabby reminds you of a tiger, you would possibly want to undertake out this name. Per the CFA breed registry, Tiger is that the 5th hottest cat name in China.

27. Sammy

While Samuel or Sam may well be too staid for a playful new kitten, Sammy incorporates a light-hearted flair that produces it perfect for a frisky cat.

28. Gizmo

This name’s quirky feel makes it a well-liked choice for cats, particularly people who resemble the friendly mogwai within the 1980’s movie Gremlins.

29. Jasper

In Christian tradition, the name Jasper is commonly assigned to at least one of the three wise men who brought gifts to the baby Jesus. It also refers to a spotted gemstone that may remind you of your cat’s coat or eyes.

30. Biscuit

Names inspired by popular culture trends or edgy icons can spur controversy, but almost nobody can argue with food-inspired names. Biscuit is ideal for the cat who’s soft, warm, and wonderful.

31. Bailey

Arjava, a user on, says that “I named my male Ragdoll kitten ‘Bailey’ after Bailey’s Irish cream because he’s that color, it’s a very nice name that basically suits him.”

32. Gracie

Due to its connection to the word “grace”, this name is related to mercy, kindness, and love. The long “E” sound gives it a peppy, cat-friendly feel and just the correct rhythm for calling your cat to mealtimes.

33. Loki

As the name of Norse mythology’s mischievous demigod, this name suits an adventurous, manipulative kitty.

34. Sasha

Used in Russia as a nickname for ladies named Aleksandra, Sasha directly elegant and sweet enough to suit a playful kitten.

35. Simon

This ancient Hebrew name has seen a popularity surge in recent years. It’s a classic name perfect for male cats.

36. Toby

This name evolved in medieval England as a diminutive sort of Tobias, an ancient name appearing within the will. The name became popular in England together with the spread of Protestantism. In recent years, it’s enjoyed more popularity among cats than humans.

37. Ruby

This old-fashioned name is especially popular among red or orange female cats.

38. Cleo

This name is sensible as a well-liked cat name – it’s a shortened type of Cleopatra, the famed ruler of a kingdom known to revere cats.

39. Peanut

Food-related names are nearly always winners, and this name reminds you of your cat’s nutty personality.

40. Oscar

This name has an obscure history with Gaelic, Old Norse, or English roots.

41. Leo

It’s understandable that this short name is popular among cats – it’s the Latin word for “lion” and is related to the fifth sign of the Zodiac. In China, it’s the 9th most well-liked name for cats registered with the Cat Fanciers Association.

42. Lucky

In a piece on, Dr. Debra Primovic, DVM notes that “the majority of cats named Buddy are mixed breed cats owned or named by men.”

43. Daisy

Flower-inspired names remind you of your cat’s delicate beauty.

44. Jasmine

This name originates in Persia and is related to a fragrant angiosperm of an identical name. Jasmine is especially popular among cats in Japan and other parts of Asia.

45. Callie

This name is sort of exclusively given to calico cats, making it distinctly feminine and uniquely feline.

46. Pepper

Pepper could be a fun name for cats who are as sharp and sassy as ground black peppercorns.

47. Leon

This name is of Greek origin and means “lion”, making it perfect for the cat who’s clearly the king of beasts.

48. Lola

This name could be a shortening of Dolores, which could be a Spanish name meaning “sorrows”. It’s taken from Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores, meaning “Our Lady of Sorrows” – a title for The Virgin Mary. Lola includes a warm, friendly feel perfect for the sweetest felines.

49. Kitty

Call it classic or call it uncreative, cats are given this name for many years.

50. Buddy

In an article on, Dr. Debra Primovic, DVM sites that “the majority of cats named Buddy are mixed breed cats owned or named by men.”

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