Top 5 Plays from the Celtics-Pistons Game

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From Al Horford’s putback bang to Josh Richardson’s vehement square, the Marcus Smart-Robert Williams association being in full impact, and a couple of deafening dunks by Jayson Tatum, these are the main five plays from Friday’s down between the Celtics and Pistons.

Top 5 Plays from the Celtics-Pistons Game

The Celtics' Elder Statesman Rattles the Rim

Nobody focuses on, not to mention places a body on Al Horford, and that outcomes in the Celtics’ senior legislator, presently in his fifteenth season, tidying up the miss after Dennis Schroder couldn’t get the layup to go.

Josh Richardson Thwarts Frank Jackson

Josh Richardson plays incredible safeguard on Frank Jackson all through this belonging, remaining with him on the drive, knocking him off his spot, and afterward insistently smacking his shot.

Marcus Smart Delivers a Dime, Robert Williams Takes Care of the Rest

Robert Williams and Marcus Smart work effectively of selling this, as the previous comes up, behaving like he’s anticipating the ball and not getting it has constrained the Celtics to make do.

Williams then, at that point, turns like he will evaluate for Jaylen Brown, however, he rather plunges to the edge, and Smart tosses a significant distance dime to him for the back street oop.

Jayson Tatum's Highlight-Reel Jams Part I

After Marcus Smart blazes center and doesn’t get the ball, rather than waiting, he continues onward, getting out and pulling Saddiq Bey with him. That opens a path for Tatum, who detonates to the edge and afterward lifts for a loud throwdown.

The Saga Continues

Tatum works in front of steam prior to getting the ball on the move, and when Dennis Schroder passes to him, he has a long runway before him. When he removes, there’s very little either Detroit protector down low can do, and the outcome is another feature reel jam by Tatum.

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