Top 10 Richest Female KPOP Idols in 2022

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Do you know who are the richest female K-pop idols in 2022? If yes, follow this list of the highest ten richest female Kpop idols.

The reason behind the large prevalence of female Kpop team round the word is their fascinating and delightful female Korean popular music artists. Female kpop idols have huge fan followings round the world. Being a fan, you’ll also be curious to know who is the richest female Kpop idol in 2022. Roll out the list below and know the answer.

Top 10 Richest Female Kpop Idols In 2022


10. Boa Kwon

The K-pop queen and hit model debuted in 2000 and goes still robust. As a dancer, single, actress, and model she has created a wealth of around $10 million. That’s the rationale, she is one amongst the richest female Kpop idols in 2022.

Kwon incorporates a immense fanbase, particularly in Japan. She has been a cultural ambassador from her show manufacture a hundred and one Season2. Her earnings square measure attributed to industrial advertisements, tv roles, and after all unimaginable music.

Her accidental entry into Pop world is value mentioning. just at eleven, she got signed for a contract on whose audition she ne’er went. Today, she may be a globally recognized Korean creative person. She established her high status in Korean music by her 1st album, ID: Peace B, And jumping into the globe.

She massively dominated Japanese music houses from her 1st single, hear my heart. Her evolving pop vogue and maturity dilated her fanbase over the years. She has entered the USA pop music world too.

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One of the successful and popular K-pop idols, Jennie is the main rapper of the Blackpink KPop band. Her full name is Jennie Kim. She holds a ninth place as the richest female Kpop idol with a net worth of around US$10-12 million.

Jennie has endorsed various brands in South Korea, Thailand, and China which adds to her income. She has countersigned solo deals with prestigious brands as Adidas Originals, Calvin Klein, Moonshot, D&G Downy, Zhenguoli, mobile games (Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and Brawl Stars), and Samsung. She is also the brand ambassador for Chanel and Hera brands. Gentle Monster, luxury eyewear has made collaborations with the pop diva.

Her additional income is from her Youtube Channel, Lillifilm Official, and other social media portals.

8. Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung is an acclaimed Korean-American singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur. She is famous for her musical talent, stage skills, and personal achievements. Another wealthiest K-pop idol with a worth of $10-15 million, all because of her hard work and well-planned moves.

Jessica built her fashion empire below the whole Blanc and Eclare. She has been a former member of the Girl’s Generation cluster. when quitting she focussed on her solo music albums as Wonderland, My Decade, and amorously J. She gave a lot of time to her attire whole. She created a classy assortment for it.

Her simultaneous income from her youtube channel (Jessica Land) has concerning 380,0000 subscribers. Has her novel, Shine free that came out as popular. Her Instagram followers reach nine.2 million. She is additionally asterisked in richly endowed theatre production, de jure Blonde. She owns an edifice known as ‘Clareau’ in the national capital.

7. Taeyeon


The multitalented KPop sensation, Taeyeon has sliced her place with nice determination. She is additionally among the highest ten richest female K-pop idols with an internet price of concerning $15 million in 2021. Her presence within the unit TaeTiSeo fetched her immense cash.

This South Korean singer debuted in 2007 from the group Girls’ Generation. Her soulful voice and deep emotive delivery made her a Kpop sensation. She heads a successful nation’s girls group and performs as a solo artist too. Often, she is called Beyonce of Girl’s Generation.

Her singles Into the New World and Kissing You are all-time listen-to pops. Her singles I and Rain grabbed Korea’s number one position. She is an eminent South Korean celebrity. She has been a brand ambassador for restorative brands the Nature Republic and Banila.

6. Lisa

Lalisa Manobal aka Lisa popular Thai origin Korean rapper, singer, and dancer. Her fortune of US$15-20 million makes her sixth most richest Kpop idols in 2021.

Lisa debuted with the solo single album Lalisa in 2021 and member of the diverse girl group Blackpink. She is the main dancer and richest member of the group. The 24-year old is an impeccable artist that has five hundred million followers on Instagram.

French company Celone and Italian brand Bvlgari has created Lisa their international brand ambassador. She spends on luxury purses and eating along with her bandmates. Her standard dance moves and rap skills not solely established her career conjointly elevated her wealth. She is engaged with complete restorative Moonshot in China, Thailand, and South Korea as a brand ambassador.

5. Yoona

Yoona is that the former member of the renowned Girl’s group: the second generation. She was first ranked as the most earning member of the cluster. In 2021, she has nonheritable a wealth of US$25 million creating her reach the seventh position among made female KPop idols in 2021.

Yoona is a rapper, dancer, actor, businessperson, and oddment. She owns a fashion brand named Blanc &Eclare. Korean Pop was introduced to the world by Girl’s cluster solely. Her inclusion within the cluster would cause her high fee appearances.

Yoona has earned well by showing in advertisements of cosmetics, wearables, beds, division stores, jewelry, and lots of such products. with the exception of the combined band’s royalty, her solo career too fetched her large cash.

Her extremely rated dramas are Mount Godwin Austen, The King soft on, you’re My Destiny, Hush (Chinese drama), God of War, Exit, and also the Miracle.

4. Lee Hyori

Nation’s fairy, veteran Lee Hyori may be a singer, activist, designer, model, actress, host, and producer. She started her career with the South Korean pop woman cluster Fin.K.L. Currently, she is related to Kpop teams SSAK3 and Refund Sisters. She encompasses a internet value of $30 million as of 2021 that creates her one in all the richest feminine K-pop idols.

Her glowing skin, exotic face, top executive voice, style, and thrilling performance outline her. Her debut single Blue Rain and To My lover took the Fin. K.L cluster to heights.

She got Daesand awards for her solo single fashionable and ten minutes. She forces seven Daesand awards in her career. Korean media is referred to as 2003 The Year of Hyori/ Hyori Syndrome.

Her association with Korean cosmetics for a poster with Jessica Alba was extremely paid. She was a liberally stipendiary celebrity who supported the soju whole, brand Churum brands.

3. Bae Suzy

With $30-35 million, Bae Suzy comes in third place for the richest female Kpop idols in 2021. She may be a full talent package of being a Kpop singer, artist, actress, and model. Her high status additionally owes her charming personality, dateless beauty, and in fact the talent in her.

Advertisement, endorsement, and royalties are the major sources of her financial income. Her inclusion within the whole endorsement is taken into account an ability. She owes a high-profit building in Seoul’s costliest space, Gangnam. The property surged high in worth and she or he grabs large cash via rentals. Her rich standing and humble background persuaded her to assist those less privileged than her.

She has supported tending product, technical school gadgets, theme parks, food, and far additional. She supported internationally acclaimed brands as Guess Jeans, Reebok, Swarovski, Kerasys, The Face Shop, and Lancome.

2. Dara

Sandara Park aka Dara could be a singer, actress, and tv presenter of South Korean origin. She is a global icon of the K-pop music industry. She comes in ordinal place because the richest K-pop feminine singer with a web price of $35 million from numerous financial gain sources.

Dara is a fashion icon to youth and is one of the few celebrities who took the Korean screenland to a world platform. Her presence and recognition graph within the Philippines industry say it all.

She debuted in the entertainment world in 2004 as an actress from the movie “Bcuz of U”. several prime brands have roped her for endorsement as Samsung, Nikon, Mitsubishi, Cleo moonshot, and Etude. She is being listed as Filipino ambassador for Kendell Jenner Line of clothing.

By 2007, despite a cemented career in the Philippines she turned to her roots and tried her luck. Back home after some starts, she collaborated with Korean singers named Bom, CL, and Minzy to create a 2NE1 musical group. By 2019, her chartbuster numbers dominated the industry. The group disbanded but her solo career kept on booming.

1. IU

Lee Ji-eun aka IU is that the highest-earning and richest female Kpop idol in 2021. Her solo singing and acting career build her net value of $40 million. She could be a singer, lyricist, composer, and producer too.

Her large success of the ‘Good Day’ in 2010 was the determinant purpose of her career. She continued to figure and raise her participation level. This eventually fetched him a lot of royalty and her plus unbroken high rising. Advertisements and music comes to to bring her cash like Samsung, Sony Korea, Sk Telcom, and many more.

She is famed for not accepting gifts from the fans. She is a passionate public servant who is giving scholarships to her alumna students.

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