Top 6 things that can make public teachers happy

Being a teacher is a noble profession. Some become teachers it is because they wanted to serve others through changing lives, some others become teachers it is because of their passion. Different teachers also have different teaching style in educating their learners yet they reached one common goal. Teachers always foresee the future of their […]

Top 5 educational technology to look out for in 2021


Despite being a year of worldwide upheaval, 2020 led to a variety of major developments in digital solutions in education, like the widespread switch to online schooling, the increase within the use of apps, and hybrid learning. It’s doubtless that teaching can still build use of digital technology for the predictable future. With this comes […]

Forever Changed: Education Predictions for 2021


2020 packed a wallop in contrast to the other amount in living memory. The pain remains with us — and can still be for a protracted time. however, the beginning of this year brings a chance for us to renew our hope and energy. However, can that play out for K-12 education, particularly within the […]