Traveling with Cats: Great Cat-Friendly Destinations for Summer

So, you need to move away from it this mid-year, yet you would prefer not to abandon your cat. The uplifting news is — with an ever-increasing number of spots getting pet-accommodating — you can enjoy a loosening up reprieve and bring your cat along, as well! We have a few thoughts that could make […]

What to Expect When Your Cat Is Pregnant

A cat’s gestation period is about 65 days, but it’s not always easy to figure out when a cat got pregnant. You’ll need to talk with a veterinarian about how far along your plume pursuing sovereign is prior to starting to check days—and, indeed, a pregnant feline is known as a “sovereign.” Your veterinarian can […]

Cat Won’t Drink: How Much Water Cats Need & Dehydration Prevention


Indeed, they do. Despite the fact that motion pictures and other media regularly show felines drinking a bowl of milk, it’s not useful for most cats. Water, nonetheless, is as crucial to a feline’s endurance all things considered to that of people. 60-70% of their body weight is water. Regardless of being useful for them, […]

Top 50 Most Popular and Unique Cat Names in 2021

The most cat names use! According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the primary named cat lived over 3,400 years ago and was called Nedjem, an Egyptian name meaning “sweet” or “pleasant” – sometimes thought of as adore “Sweetie”. It’s thought that even within the cat-revering culture of ancient Egypt, cats were seldom given […]