PH’s (Bornok Mangosong) top motocross rider seeks crown US Monster Energy FIM Motocross in 2022

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The top motocross rider in the Philippines for 2019 who hails from Davao City is joining the extreme 2022 Beast Energy FIM Motocross of Countries in Michigan, USA, on September 23-25. Davaoeno Bornok Mangosong is joining the opposition, which is partaken in by 34 groups around the world, including the USA.

Mangosong is blissful and sure about joining the race.

On April 9, Mangosong came out on top for two title prizes in the Namssa first AAG Bongabon Public Motocross Cup 2022 in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija.

Mangosong arose as MX2 In general boss and MX1 By and large hero in the motocross race against a portion of the top motocross riders in the Philippines.

On Walk 26-27, Mangosong additionally won the Cong. JB and City chairman Ching Bernos Motocross 2022 at Touch ti Enduro Park, San Gregory, La Paz, Abra.

Mangosong won the Ace Open and Master classifications of the opposition.

Mangosong has been coming out on top consistently of late as he won two prizes in the Mafoco Motocross Contest 22 in T’boli, South Cotabato, on Walk 5-6.

He won the Ace Open and master classes of the opposition, which were taken part in by a portion of the top motocross riders in the Philippines.

The Public Cruiser Sports Security Affiliation (NAMSSA) named Mangosong prior as the top rider in the country for 2019.

In the eight rounds of MX 2 races endorsed by NAMSSA, the 28-year-old motocross rider from this city got six successes.

In the MX1 races, Mangosong got three successes to get the distinction of the sought after rider of the year.

From November 22 to 24, 2019, Mangosong likewise made the city and the Philippines pleased subsequent to getting a fourth-place finish in the FIM Asia Supercross Title held at the Speedworld MX Circuit in Bicutan Taguig.

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