Forever Changed: Education Predictions for 2021

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2020 packed a wallop in contrast to the other amount in living memory. The pain remains with us — and can still be for a protracted time. however, the beginning of this year brings a chance for us to renew our hope and energy. However, can that play out for K-12 education, particularly within the space of technology? we have a tendency to turn to a variety of education leaders to search out what they expect or foresee in 2021. Here’s what they told us.

Teachers Will Become Massive Social Media Influencers


Teachers are subject-matter specialists who different lecturers feature in video mixtapes which folks can follow to support their students. Expect lecturers to travel board Twitch-style “going live” environments. What will we tend to expect in the video?

Jim Szafranski, CEO, Prezi

Data Privacy Concerns Will Draw Greater Interest

Alongside the herculean and largely victorious efforts to attach students and lecturers in digital areas throughout the pandemic, the past year has additionally brought stories of zoom bombing, proctoring and police investigation overreach, information breaches, and unjust student access to technology and its edges. These events have shined a light-weight on the privacy considerations associated with academic information and technology.

In 2021, we have a tendency to anticipate seeing directors take extra measures to upgrade student information privacy, as well as larger attention to information governance and security measures across the kindergarten-to-college time. It’s essential for these efforts to incorporate unjust information privacy policies and practices that safeguard student information assortment, storage, sharing, and use which guarantee students have equitable access to the advantages of knowledge and technology.

We additionally expect a larger interest by students and their families in understanding what information is collected regarding them, however, their information is employed, and what their privacy rights square measure associated with that information assortment and use. Faculties and their third-party academic technology vendors can work to produce larger transparency and engender trust by clearly and often human action once, however, and for a way long information square measure used. Moreover, faculties and vendors ought to follow through on their guarantees to guard the info and knowledge that students and families have entrusted to them.

2020 was a difficult year for education, but, if well-applied, the teachings learned will strengthen the protection of student information privacy as we have a tendency to get into 2021.

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