All of Us Are Dead boss uncovered significant changes in the Netflix series from the original

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Netflix’s most recent Korean endurance series All of Us Are Dead has overwhelmed the stage and immediately become an overall hit. The show was roused by a webtoon named ‘Now At Our School,’ and its chief Lee Jae-Kyoo uncovered the significant changes between the two.

ALL OF US ARE DEAD director Lee Jae-Kyoo revealed the major changes from the Netflix series and the original webtoon.

All of Us Are Dead's horror zombie story line stayed the same as the original (Image: Netflix )

After its delivery on January 28, All of Us Are Dead arrived at a significant Netflix achievement and beat out all competitors in more than 25 nations by January 31.

They had to endure a last chance situation without water, food, internet, and phone connection.

The students used makeshift weapons to safeguard themselves to try not to become tainted by everyone around them.

While the two shows had a comparable topic and storyline there were a few prominent changes made between the Netflix series and the webtoon.

All of Us Are Dead's horror zombie story line stayed the same as the original (Image: Netflix )

In a meeting with Gossip Champ, Lee Jae-Kyoo talked with regards to the accomplishment of the series and uncovered the significant changes.

He stated: “It’s similar to the basic story in terms of the original work. The flow of the storyline also doesn’t depart much from the original.

“However, you might get the feeling that the show is different from the original as far as the specific situations that happen to some of the kids as well as what each of the characters are like.”

One of the most obvious differences is the use of smartphones in All of Us Are Dead, which weren’t as generally utilized and usually accessible when Now At Our School was delivered.

All of Us Are Dead: Nam-ra and Su-hyeok didnt have a romance in the original webtoon (Image: Netflix)

The webtoon had the option to pack more detail into its storyline as it had 130 sections, though the Netflix series has 12 episodes that last around 60 minutes.

Thus, All of Us Are Dead had to speed up the zombification interaction.

This was spotted after Kim Hyeon-ju (Jung Yi-seo) was bitten by a hamster and afterward infused with a suspicious substance which transformed her into a zombie after a couple of words.

While in the webtoon, she had the option to give an itemized clarification of what she encountered before fiercely assaulting people around her.

It was additionally featured in the Netflix series, there were significantly more heartfelt connections than in the first plot.

In every last one of Us Are Dead Choi Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun) and Su-hyeok (Park Solomon) turned out to be more than companions and investigated their actual affections for one another.

Though in Now At Our School, the two were rigorously companions and there was just one sentiment in the webtoon.

Tragically for fans, the series has not yet been affirmed briefly series, showrunners could be hanging tight for the last viewership figures of the prior month settling on a choice.

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