About Us

Who are we?

Welcome to Nexibook!

Nexibook is a digital platform for all young generation and parent-related recommendations and tips on DIY, Travel, Sport, Education, technology, trends, and so far more. whether or not or not you’re pregnant (or trying) for the first time, or recently gave birth to your third child, Nexibook is here to supply relevant, intriguing, and interesting content — in spite of that stage you’re in.

Nexibook was born to pun meant once a gaggle of operative parents found themselves constantly sharing their hard-won pearls of data, laughable failures, and heart-warming challenges. we tend to tend to need to form a community of support where we tend to tend to would possibly share our conversations with various parents round the globe — a vicinity to share our stories, manageable moments, and profitable triumphs.

Today, Nexibook has blossomed into associate degree uproarious but humble web site to help guide you via the wildest, the foremost fulfilling ride of your life. And don’t be fooled by our name; Nexibook isn’t just for moms! we tend to tend to hope to serve all parents equally, providing honest, accessible content for any and everyone raising (or preparing to raise) a yearling.

There is no glorious definition, no reference, and no pamphlet on the thanks to folks. We’re dead this on. Your bump is our bump. We’re honest. We’re real. We’re funny. We’re affectionate. We’re busy. We’re exhausted. We’re parents.