5 financial market trends to keep an eye on in 2022

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Entering in the New Year, we have a tendency to ask our chief executive officer, Nick Bortot, to list 5 financial market trends he thinks we are going to witness in 2022. Here’s what he told us.

1. Covid-19 can play an enormous role once more

Covid-19 can still be one amongst the foremost players in 2022. It all depends on however quickly the vaccines are going to be distributed and the way well they work. Still, as we’ve got seen with the Covid-19 mutation in Great Britain at the end of 2020, the virus isn’t inevitable.

Winners next year are going to be immunizing agent manufacturers like Pfizer or Moderna. sadly, Sanofi’s and GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccines won’t be prepared till late 2021 as a result of they have to boost the shot’s effectiveness in older folks. However, one ought to take care regarding immunizing agent producers within the end of the day, as there are already dozens of firms acting on a immunizing agent. At some purpose, there’ll be associate oversupply.

There are less apparent firms that would profit: only one example, distributing the immunizing agent would require huge supply efforts which can be taken care of, as an example, by Deutsche Post DHL, Bolloré logistics, Lufthansa cargo or cold storage firms like Va-Q-Tec. Several supply firms have already benefited from the web searching boom because of the pandemic and will get another boost by this.

Sectors that got a significant beating in 2020 might surge: If folks are allowed to travel once more, travel firms like TUI and Carnival, hospitality firms like Accor, and airlines like Air France-KLM, Easyjet and Lufthansa, might get a boost.

Another sector that would have some fascinating times ahead is commercial real estate. As for the workplace land, the question is to what extent engaging from home can stay in while remaining in place. If firms want less area, this might have a negative impact on firms like Alstria office and therefore the like, though they largely have long-run leases and would possibly feel it at a later stage. As for shoppinng malls, with players like Simon Property or Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, they might suffer once more from uncomprehensible rent payments and potential tenant bankruptcies as a result of not all firms can survive the pandemic.

2. Return of the dividends


All in all, if the world economy continues its recovery as forecast – e.g. Deutsche Bank expects the world gross domestic product (GDP) to rise by 5.2% in 2021- the world stock markets ought to profit. Analysts of Deutsche Bank expect that company earnings expectations for 2021 within the USA up to 23% year-on-year, whereas in Europe the figure is 40% be careful particularly for the second and third quarters.

2020 wasn’t an good year for dividend investors, as several firms cut their dividends because of the pandemic. In 2021, dividends expected to rise once more. As financial institution interest rates are expected to stay at 0% for a protracted time, this makes dividend stocks even additional enticing for investors in 2021.

3. A boost for green companies


With Joe Biden, there’ll be a paradigm shift within the White House. The new US president can offer environmental firms a lift as Biden can pull away from fossil fuels toward additional climate protection and renewable energies. This is often probably to learn shares and ETFs that meet the questionable ESG criteria (environment, social, governance) and listen to environmental and social standards.


Note that we tend to even have some European elections next year, e.g. in Germany. Angela Merkel won’t be obtainable for re-election and also the German Green Party can be one amongst the massive winners. That might even have a robust impact on stocks associated with energy and environmental modification. This is often so a subject to stay an eye fixed on because the Europe additionally recently set to accentuate its efforts against world temperature change.

4. Women level the playing field in investing


It is still a proven fact that most stock exchange investors are male. However in line with the foot, feminine investors are currently sign language up to investment platforms at quicker rates than men. At BUX Zero we tend to additionally saw that the sign language from girls grew six-fold over the year thus far, compared with a fourfold growth for male investors i think girls can keep enjoying a larger role in investment next year.

On a connected topic, you’ll be able to currently invest in merchandise centered on gender equality, as an example, the Lyxor world Gender Equality ETF and also the MSCI Japan Empowering girls Index. Financial product like these may more generate interest among investors involved with ESG criteria.

5. Red flag for FANG?


2020 was a good year for techs. However the FANG stocks, i.e. Facebook, Amazon.com, Netflix and Alphabet are overvalued currently in my opinion, and face additional lawsuits. Many US states have associate degree example} filed just lawsuits against Google and the U.S. also filed a just suit against Facebook and would like to split the corporation.

One factor we all know for sure: It’s reaching to be associate exciting year on the financial markets once more with several movements and opportunities.

All views, opinions, and analyses during this article shouldn’t be scan as personal investment recommendation and individual investors ought to build their own selections or obtain freelance recommendation. This text has not been ready in accordance with legal necessities designed to market the independence of investment analysis and is taken into account a promoting communication.

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